About Us

pop·u·list  noun; plural noun: populists: a person who holds the views of, and/or is concerned with the welfare of, ordinary people.


The mission of Populists in Action is to revive and revitalize genuine democracy (government by and for the people) in the United States of America by promoting well-informed and active citizenship, with the goal of minimizing the impact and influence of money within our political system and maximizing the influence of we the people.


We believe that a massive, nation-wide effort to replace corporatists within our government with populists, and to rededicate ourselves to the noble experiment in self-government by a free people begun over 200 years ago by our Founding Fathers, is overdue and vitally necessary.

We believe that money has corrupted our political system, both major parties have been corrupted, and that if we want government OF the people to be government FOR the people, we must have government BY the people.

To that end, we believe that a populist uprising is underway in both of our major political parties, inspired by Bernie Sanders within the Democratic Party and by Donald Trump within the Republican Party.  We hope the end result of this populist uprising will be a political revolution, with We the People taking control of both parties, so that we have two versions of populism to choose from, instead of two versions of corporatism.

We believe that, in these bitterly partisan times, control of both houses of Congress and the White House by the same party is necessary if we are to effectively address the critical problems we are facing and that we desperately need to address those problems, chief among them full employment at a living wage, the climate crisis, and making health care truly affordable for every member of our society.

We believe that the Democratic Party platform is much more reflective of the will of the people and, for that reason, we believe that Democratic control of Congress and the White House is the key to electing a government that will address the problems we are facing in a manner consistent with the will of the people.


In January of 2015 GBA Strategies conducted a poll of likely 2016 voters.  The results of that poll indicate strong support for all of the major positions of the Democratic Party, as expressed in the party platform.  In the “Platforms and Issues” tab on this site, you will find extensive quotations related to key issues taken directly from the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties, followed by results from this poll, and a brief commentary expressing our opinion on the issue.

We fully understand, and respect the fact, that not every visitor to this site will agree with our selection of which issues are most important, or with our position on each issue.  Although the poll showed overwhelming support for the Democratic Party position on all of the issues we consider most important, none of them polled at 100%.

The poll does indicate support averaging 65-70% among independent voters and just over 50% for Republican voters for the Democratic Party position on these issues.  If a considerable percentage of those independent and Republican voters vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot on November 8th, we can still have a successful political revolution this year.


President Reagan started us down a dark road with his stated belief that “Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.”  To the extent that has turned citizens against the government, it has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. We disagree with President Reagan. We believe that bad government is the problem. And that good government is the solution.

We believe that good government is not only possible; it is necessary and extremely desirable. Informed and active citizenship by a majority of the citizens of a nation is the primary requirement for good government.

Although we will do a lot of talking at our organizational meetings and in other forums, in the end we agree with Benjamin Franklin, who said that: “Well done is better than well said.”  We are Populists in Action.

If you would like to join us in this effort, we encourage you contact us to work between now and November 8th, to help elect candidates who will work to “promote the general welfare” (as stated in the preamble to the Constitution).  We need as many volunteers as possible to make phone calls to voters and to knock doors in key districts.

At the very least, we urge you to take advantage of the information on this site (and from other sources) to learn as much as you can about how our government works, what is wrong with our present system, and how to fix it.

This site is designed to provide concerned citizens with the information needed to make informed choices on election day.  We aspire to be a non-partisan organization.  Immediately following the election on November 8th, we will be submitting and promoting ballot initiatives for a system of proportional representation in the 24 states that have some form of initiative process.  That will break the stranglehold of the two major parties on our electoral system and make it much easier for third parties and independent candidates to win seats in state legislatures and in Congress.  But for now there are only two parties with any reasonable chance of winning control of Congress or state legislatures.  Voters who want to help decide which party will be in control must choose to support either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

Under the “Platforms on the issues” tab on this site you will find exact quotes from the platforms of the two major parties with regard to what each party considers the best way to address the problems mentioned above and other important issues.  You will find also find poll results related to each issue, which indicate the will of the people.  (We believe that a truly representative government should reflect the will of the people.)

We close each page with a brief summary of our view on each issue.  You will find that we clearly and strongly support the proposals put forward by the Democratic Party with regard to most issues.  While the Republican Party platform raises some important considerations, they are blocking much-needed progress on all of these issues.  Full employment at a living wage, meaningful action to address the serious and immediate threat posed by the climate crisis, and providing affordable health care for all of our citizens should not be partisan issues, but the Republican Party has made them partisan issues.

That being said, we are providing extensive and exact quotations from the party platforms.   If you are inclined to support the Republican Party, you will find information here to support your views.  We want to promote a focus on the issues instead of individual candidates.   For those with enough time and interest, we strongly encourage you to read both the Democratic Party platform and the Republican Party platform in their entirety.

You will see that there are stark differences between the parties on nearly every issue.  If we continue to have divided government, with one party in control of the White House and the other party in control of one or both houses of Congress, we will see continued gridlock.  We cannot afford continued inaction on these critical issues.  We strongly encourage voters to carefully consider the radically different approaches of our two major parties, decide which party offers the best solutions, and then vote a straight party ticket for that party.

Populists in Action is transitioning into “Government by the People” (which has been an offshoot of Populists in Action).   Shortly after the election the web sites for these two organizations will merge.  The Civic Education Project (which has also been a part of Populists in Action, will remain active as a part of Government By the People.