About Us

A political action committee powered by people, not money.

pop·u·list  noun; plural noun: populists:

a person who holds the views of, and/or is concerned with the welfare of, ordinary people.


Political action committees typically raise as much money as possible, identify the candidates or ballot initiatives they support, and then give money to those candidates and campaigns.  Populists in Action is not your typical political action committee.  We are forming an army of volunteers who will work for candidates who support our platform (which represents the views of, and is concerned with the welfare of ordinary people).  The money we raise will be used primarily to fund our Civic Education Project and to recruit volunteers.  This is not politics-as-usual.  

A lot of people who want to support worthy candidates and issues do not have much money to give, but they can give of their time.  Populists in Action provides a means for volunteers to pool their efforts.  We support the candidates we endorse with people, not money.

Five hours of volunteer work makes you a voting member and we are a democratically-run organization.  Each voting member has a single vote on each issue put to a vote, including which candidates to support.


The mission of Populists in Action is to revive and revitalize genuine democracy (government by and for the people) in the United States of America by promoting well-informed and active citizenship, with the goal of minimizing the impact and influence of money within our political system and maximizing the influence of we the people.


We believe that a massive, nation-wide effort to replace corporatists within our government with populists, and to rededicate ourselves to the noble experiment in self-government by a free people begun over 200 years ago by our Founding Fathers, is overdue and vitally necessary.

President Reagan’s stated belief that “Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.” has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. We disagree with President Reagan. We believe that bad government is the problem. And that good government is the solution.

We believe that good government is not only possible; it is necessary and extremely desirable. Informed and active citizenship by a majority of the citizens of a nation is the primary requirement for good government.

Although we will do a lot of talking at our organizational meetings and in other forums, in the end we agree with Benjamin Franklin, who said that: “Well done is better than well said.”  We are Populists in Action.